About Bob Terry

Bob Terry has proven to be a significant, long-term asset to our community. Since being sworn into the Washington County Board of Commissioners in 2011, Bob has dedicated tremendous time and resources to our community.

Bob helped guide Washington County through one of the worst economic recessions without raising taxes or cutting vital services. The county reduced burdensome regulations by simplifying permitting services and working alongside local employers to ensure businesses have the resources they need to continue growing. Bob worked alongside local chambers and school boards to refocus the county on investing in road projects and schools. Washington County emerged from the recession stronger than ever and is frequently referred to as the economic engine of Oregon, a label Bob holds proudly.

As a neighbor, local business owner and veteran, Bob truly understands the concerns of the public at the ground level and will continue to strive toward maintaining the local economy and improving the quality of life enjoyed by our residents. As our county chair, Bob will be committed to ensuring the legacy of Washington County continues to be one of opportunity and prosperity for everyone in our community.